March Newsletter

We are happy to announce our new newsletter platform that comes with many new features like referral programs, premium memberships, and new sponsor and advertisement opportunities. | Many new events are on the horizon, including from our partners: Startup Extreme, Trondheim Tech Port, Bifrost Summit in Silicon Valley and its many side events.

New Platform ✨😎

Dear Vikings, we are super excited to introduce you to our new member and newsletter platform. You will receive our newsletters as usual without any changes for you. However, you will now be able to access all our future Newsletters, Masterclasses, State of the New Nordics Reports, Discounts and other Benefits all in one place.

Some of these offerings can only be accessed through our premium membership, which is only $9.99/month or $99.00/year. These memberships will help us cover our operational costs and support our current and future programs long into the future.

You will also get a chance to access some of our great benefits through our referral program. When you share our newsletter with your friends and they sign up, we will send a reward directly to your inbox. Check out the bottom of this email to view your reward progress. The month’s reward is our “State of the New Nordics - Unicorn Ecosystem Report.

A Message from Escalon Services

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Escalon provides your company with an experienced, one-stop shop for all your essential business services, including accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, insurance, payroll, benefits, and recruiting. We give you back time and peace of mind by taking care of your back office so you can focus on growing your business.

How to Scale your Business with Inclusive Design Methods | March 9 / 12.45 PM (PST)

On March 9 | 12.45 PM (PST), Nordic Innovation House is organising a workshop at Wallenberg Hall to help startups scale and improve their business case by using business development methods within norm-critical innovation and intersectional design. The workshop is done together with Stanford University’s gender expert Professor Londa Schiebinger, and also appointed expert by the European Commission. This is a completely unique opportunity for startups onsite during the summit. Please notify startups that you think would benefit from this workshop and has an interest in scaling their business by sending them the link below:

Startup Extreme 2023 - Hemsedal, Norway | April 26 - 28

Is your startup looking for investors, or are you searching for like-minded people to share ideas with? Are you looking to build trust and a real connection but feel like video calls, coffee chats, and conference meetings don't quite cut it? StartupExtreme is where networking is taken to another level, and deep connections are made through the shared experiences of extreme activities ⛷

If you want to get involved and get to know investors and other exciting startups, join us in Hemsedal, Norway, on April 26-27, 2023!

Get your tickets here:

Silicon Vikings now offer a special discount code of 30% off: SV-FRIENDS (Valid until March 20, 2023)

Bifrost Summit 2023 - Silicon Valley | March 6-9

Bifrost Summit, March 6-9, 2023, is a 4-day program organized by Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley, supporting New-Nordic entrepreneurs to get insights and network in Silicon Valley.
The program is designed to inspire and connect leading New Nordic solutions with key stakeholders and decision-makers on the west coast, giving companies a fast track into the market.
Bifrost 2023 themes are Energy and Mobility with cross-cutting topics such as Ethical AI and Data, Foresight and Futures Thinking, Diversity , Inclusive Design and Startup - Corporate Collaboration.

Check out the full program here:

Bridging the Gap | Trondheim Tech Port Conference 2023 | March 20

Join one of Norway's most important meeting places for innovation and technology! In the next few years, Norway and the world will go through a major transformation; we must pick up the pace and cooperate more to reach our shared goal. This is why Trondheim Tech Port organizes the conference "Bridging the Gap".

The conference will be in Norwegian, but live interpreting will be available; just bring your smartphone and headphones.

Get your tickets here:

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Meet our new Intern, Frederikke Skipper.

Frederikke is currently finishing her second Master's degree in San Francisco, studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Hult International Business School. Frederikke will be working with us for the next two months and will be utilizing her knowledge from her studies to help us grow and support our community.

We’re thrilled to have Frederikke on board. Help us welcome her to the team!